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MELI(1)                     General Commands Manual                    MELI(1)

     meli - Meli Mail User Agent.  Meli is the Greek word for honey.


     Experimental terminal mail client

     When launched for the first time, meli will search for its configuration
     directory ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/meli/). If it doesn't exist, you will be
     asked if you want to create one along with a sample configuration. The
     sample configuration ($XDG_CONFIG_HOME/meli/config) includes comments
     with the basic settings required for setting up accounts allowing you to
     copy and edit right away.

     At any time, you can press `?` to show a searchable list of all available
     actions and shortcuts, along with every possible setting and command that
     your version supports.

     The main visual navigation tool is the left-side sidebar. The menu's
     visibility can be toggled (default shortcut `).

     The view into each folder has 3 modes: plain, threaded and compact. Plain
     views each mail indvidually, threaded shows their thread relationship
     visually, and compact includes one entry per thread of emails.

              ^^      .-=-=-=-.  ^^
          ^^        (`-=-=-=-=-`)         ^^
                  (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-`)  ^^         ^^
            ^^   (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`)   ^^
                ( `-=-=-=-(@)-=-=-` )      ^^
                (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`)  ^^
                (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`)          ^^
         ^^     (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`)  ^^
            ^^   (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-`)          ^^
                  (`-=-=-=-=-=-=-`)  ^^
           ^^       (`-=-=-=-=-`)
                     `-=-=-=-=-`          ^^

     Commands are issued in EXECUTE mode, by default started with the space
     character and exited with Escape key.

     set plain/threaded/compact # set the way mailboxes are displayed

     sort [subject/date] [asc/desc]

     subsort [subject/date] [asc/desc] # this only sorts the first level of

     close # closes closeable tabs

     go n # where n is a mailbox prefixed with the n number for the current

     toggle_thread_snooze # don't issue notifications for thread under cursor
                                        in thread listing

     filter STRING # filter mailbox with STRING key. Escape exits filter

     list-post # post in list of currently viewed envelope

     list-unsubscribe # unsubscribe automatically from list of currently
                                        viewed envelope

     list-archive # open list archive with xdg-open

     set read, set unread

     setenv KEY=VALUE # set environment variable KEY to VALUE

     printenv KEY # print environment variable KEY

     Non-complete list of shortcuts

     open_thread '0

     exit_thread = 'i'

     create_contact = 'c'

     edit_contact = 'e'

     prev_page = PageUp,

     next_page = PageDown,

     prev_folder = 'K',

     next_folder = 'J',

     prev_account = 'l',

     next_account = 'h',

     new_mail = 'm',

     scroll_up = 'k',

     scroll_down = 'j',

     page_up = PageUp,

     page_down = PageDown,

     '`' toggles hiding of sidebar in mail listings

     '?' opens up a shortcut window that shows available actions in the
                   current component you are using (eg mail listing, contact
                   list, mail composing)

     'm' starts a new mail composer

     'R' replies to the currently viewed mail.

     `u` displays numbers next to urls in the body text of an email and
                   <number>g opens the url with xdg-open

     <n>a opens the nth attachment.

     No exit status codes are currently assigned.

     XDG Standard

     EDITOR Specifies the editor to use

     MELI_CONFIG Override the configuration file

     meli uses the following parts of the XDG standard:

     XDG_CONFIG_HOME defaults to ~/.config/

     XDG_CACHE_HOME defaults to ~/.cache/

     $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/meli/ User configuration directory.

     $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/meli/config User configuration file.

     $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/meli/hooks/* Reserved for event hooks.

     $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/meli/plugins/* Reserved for plugin files.

     $XDG_CACHE_HOME/meli/* Internal cached data used by meli.

     /tmp/meli/* Temporary files generated by meli.

     Copyright 2017--2019 Manos Pitsidianakis (  Released
     under the GPL, version 3 or greater.  This software carries no warranty
     of any kind.  (See COPYING for full copyright and warranty notices.)



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