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@ -24,6 +24,30 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
- `d0de0485` add {in,de}crease_sidebar shortcuts
- `340d6451` add config setting for sidebar ratio
- `36e29cb6` Add configurable mailbox sort order
- `7606317f` melib/notmuch: add support for virtual mailbox hierarchy
Add optional `parent` property to notmuch mailbox configuration.
- `d9c07def` Add command to select charset encoding for email
Open dialog to select charset with `d`.
- `d679a744` melib/jmap: Implement Bearer token authentication
Fastmail now uses an API token in a http header for authentication.
This can be used either as a server_password or provided by a
`server_password_command` like oauth2.
- `47e6d5d9` add edit-config CLI subcommand that opens config files on `EDITOR`
- `8c671935` Add compose (pre-submission) hooks for validation/linting
compose-hooks run before submitting an e-mail.
They perform draft validation and/or transformations.
If a hook encounters an error or warning, it will show up as a notification.
The currently available hooks are:
- `past-date-warn`
Warn if Date header value is far in the past or future.
- `important-header-warn`
Warn if important headers (From, Date, To, Cc, Bcc) are missing or invalid.
- `missing-attachment-warn`
Warn if Subject, draft body mention attachments but they are missing.
- `empty-draft-warn`
Warn if draft has no subject and no body.
They can be disabled with `[composing.disabled_compose_hooks]` setting.
### Changed