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@ -58,15 +58,29 @@ the author's formatting.
Create a `mail.vim` file type plugin in:
- `$HOME/.vim/after/ftplugin/mail.vim` for vim
- `$HOME/.config/nvim/ftplugin/mail.vim` for neovim
- `$HOME/.config/nvim/after/ftplugin/mail.vim` for neovim
setl tw=72
setl fo=awq
setl comments+=nb:>
setlocal nomodeline
setlocal textwidth=72
setlocal formatoptions=aqtw2r
setlocal nojoinspaces
setlocal nosmartindent
setlocal comments+=nb:>
match ErrorMsg '\s\+$'
Also, don't forget that you can easily quote stuff with `MailQuote`.
From `:help ft-mail-plugin`:
> Local mappings:
> `<LocalLeader>q` or `\\MailQuote`
> Quotes the text selected in Visual mode, or from the cursor position
> to the end of the file in Normal mode.
> This means "> " is inserted in each line.
See the accompanying [`mail.vim`](./mail.vim) for comments for each setting.
## `xbiff`
[`xbiff(1)`][xbiff] manual page says:[^xbiffmanpage]

docs/mail.vim 100644
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@ -0,0 +1,87 @@
" Place this plugin in
" `$HOME/.vim/after/ftplugin/mail.vim` for vim
" `$HOME/.config/nvim/after/ftplugin/mail.vim` for neovim
" Don't use modelines in e-mail messages
setlocal nomodeline
setlocal textwidth=72
" *fo-a*
" a Automatic formatting of paragraphs.
" Every time text is inserted or deleted the paragraph will be reformatted.
" *fo-w*
" w Trailing white space indicates a paragraph continues in the next line.
" A line that ends in a non-white character ends a paragraph.
" *fo-q*
" q Allow formatting of comments with "gq".
" *fo-t*
" t Auto-wrap text using textwidth
" *fo-r*
" r Automatically insert the current comment leader after hitting <Enter> in
" Insert mode.
" *fo-c*
" c Auto-wrap comments using textwidth, inserting the current comment leader
" automatically.
" *fo-2*
" 2 When formatting text, use the indent of the second line of a paragraph for
" the rest of the paragraph, instead of the indent of the first line.
" This supports paragraphs in which the first line has a different indent than
" the rest.
" Note that 'autoindent' must be set too.
" Example:
" first line of a paragraph
" second line of the same paragraph
" third line.
" This also works inside comments, ignoring the comment leader.
setlocal formatoptions=aqtw2r
" Disable adding two spaces after '.', '?' and '!' with a join command.
setlocal nojoinspaces
" Disable smartident (meant for source code)
setlocal nosmartindent
" *'comments'* *'com'* *E524* *E525*
" A comma-separated list of strings that can start a comment line.
" See |format-comments|.
" See |option-backslash| about using backslashes to insert a space.
" The 'comments' option is a comma-separated list of parts.
" Each part defines a type of comment string.
" A part consists of: {flags}:{string}
" {string} is the literal text that must appear.
" {flags}:
" n Nested comment.
" Nesting with mixed parts is allowed.
" If 'comments' is "n:),n:>" a line starting with "> ) >" is a comment.
" b Blank (<Space>, <Tab> or <EOL>) required after {string}.
setlocal comments+=nb:>
" Highlight trailing whitespace as errors.
match ErrorMsg '\s\+$'
" MAIL *mail.vim* *ft-mail.vim*
" By default mail.vim synchronises syntax to 100 lines before the first
" displayed line.
" If you have a slow machine, and generally deal with emails with short
" headers, you can change this to a smaller value:
let mail_minlines = 30
" *no_mail_maps* *g:no_mail_maps*
" Disable defining mappings for a specific filetype by setting a variable,
" which contains the name of the filetype.
" For the "mail" filetype this would be:
let no_mail_maps = 1
" Local mappings:
" <LocalLeader>q or \\MailQuote
" Quotes the text selected in Visual mode, or from the cursor position
" to the end of the file in Normal mode.
" This means "> " is inserted in each line.